About EasyAwn


EasyAwn is a family owned business with a sound foundation in the canvas awning industry. The owner, Bill Bierbower, grew up working in the family owned canvas awning business that was founded in 1946 as Awnings by Schmitt.

EasyAwn Facility


In 2010 we built our own "in house" sewing facility. These operations include several sewing stations, cutting table, rivot machine, five thread serger, canvas storage racks, hot knives and all of the necessary equipment needed to sew our own awning covers and now the ability to sew custom colors and custom valances upon customer request. We have a full time sewing staff of very talented sewing ladies and general assistance from the original Easyawn staff. This sewing room will open up several opportunities for us to continue to produce quality, innovative and affordable products for our loyal Easyawn customers.

Judyrivot machineJerry
Proudly Sewn in the USA


We knew that many awnings for residential and commercial applications were often the same size, style and color. We knew these could be designed to be manufactured in higher volume with better quality and consistency, and significant savings that could be passed on to the customer.

With a minimum sales charge of $350 for custom products at Awnings by Schmitt, we knew many customers could not afford the beauty, protection and cost savings of our custom products. We committed to provide lower cost and higher quality products than had ever been available. This early vision led to a new company which was formed as EasyAwn in 1991.


EasyAwn, LLC. is headquartered in Cumming, Georgia - Just North of Atlanta. We are committed to providing great awnings at the very competitive prices that are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and backing that up with great service and support. Each awning continues to be crafted with the highest attention to detail - and GUARANTEED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We learned early that satisfied customers are better than any salespeople we could ever employ at helping us grow our business.


With a focused commitment to God, our Families, our Company, and especially our Customers - we continue as an innovative market leader with proven products, great customer service and as always - GUARANTEED SATISFACTION.


Your privacy is as important as ours. We do not sell, loan, swap or share our customer information with anyone, in any way, Period.

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Bill Bierbower - Founder
Bill Bierbower - Founder / Customer Support -Our fearless leader is a licensed professional engineer that grew up fishing for Dolphin and Sailfish in South Florida when not diving, surfing or skiing (now Wakeboarding). He founded Monster Tower, Fishmaster Marine Towers and has been fabricating aluminum products since working at his parents canvas awning company as a young boy. Bill enjoys fishing, boating, water sports and travel with his wife and their three boys.
Greg Spivia - General Manager
Greg Spivia - General Manager / Marketing / Dealer Sales / Customer Support -Greg brings us proven marketing experience and is the glue that keeps it all together making sure every customer becomes an advocate of our products. Bill has wanted him on his team for many years and is thrilled to have him as a part of EasyAwn. Greg enjoys boating and fishing with his wife Amy and their son Brandon and daughter Kamryn.
Customer Support
Chris "Wakedog" Fladger - Grand Master of Customer Support -Chris has been working with Bill for many years and is an avid wake boarder. He does a great job solving problems, making sure all of our customers feel loved and is our "front line" in making sure we're making happy customers. Chris enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with his wife Kelly wake boarding. Chris is a soon to be Dad.
Customer Support
James Kaney - Warehouse & Facilities Manager / Customer Support -James makes sure that everything is "flowin smooth" in the warehouse and is front line supporting customers in his "spare time". He is also our resident handy man and can fix nearly anything. James and his wife enjoy the beach, camping, travel and wonderful cultural arts Atlanta has to offer.
Customer Support
Arthur Pan - Manufacturing Manager -Arthur has been creating great products with Bill to market for many years. A master at the attention to detail and focus on product manufacturability. Somebody has to manage a thousand things a day to create great products and always be ready to deliver them to the customer - for us, that's Arthur!
Customer Support
Bob - AKA "Sponge Bob" - Accounting -(He is the one on the left) As you can tell by the picture he's the ladies man of the team. Bob is our majority investor and is responsible for all executive fiscal responsibilities, with a focus on eliminating accounts receivables. He implemented a very strict "If it ain't paid in full, it don't ship in full" credit policy. We transfer all telemarketing calls to his extension and send all solicitors to his office, as these are his specialty.