One of the best ways to keep your EasyAwn™ fabric looking good and to delay the need for deep or vigorous cleanings is to hose the fabric off on a monthly basis with clear water.  This practice will help prevent dirt from becoming embedded in the fabric and eliminate the need for more frequent vigorous cleanings.  In most environments, a thorough cleaning will be needed every two to three years.  When it’s time for a thorough cleaning, the EasyAwn™ fabric can be cleaned on the awning frame or easily removed for cleaning in your washing machine.


If you are cleaning your EasyAwn™ on the frame follow these simple steps:

  • Brush off loose dirt.
  • Hose down.
  • Prepare a cleaning mixture of water and mild, natural soap (no detergents).
  • Use a soft bristle brush to clean.
  • Allow soap to soak in.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Air dry.


If stubborn stains persist, you can use a diluted chlorine bleach/soap mixture for spot cleaning of mildew, roof run-off and other similar stains.

  • Prepare a special cleaning mixture:
    • Two ounces (one-fourth cup) of chlorine bleach.
    • Two ounces (one-fourth cup) of natural soap.
    • One gallon of water.
  • Clean with soft bristle brush.
  • Allow mixture to soak for up to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Air dry.
  • Repeat if necessary.


When cleaning your EasyAwn™ fabric, observe the following:

  • Always use a natural soap.  Never detergent.
  • Water should be cold to lukewarm.  Never more than 100 degrees.
  • Air dry only.  Never apply heat to EasyAwn™ fabrics.


If you are removing the cover and using a washing machine, these steps should be followed:

  • Use only natural soaps.  No detergent.
  • Wash and rinse in cold water.
  • Air dry.  Never put EasyAwn™ fabrics in your dryer.


After a thorough cleaning, EasyAwn™ fabrics should be treated to re-establish water repellency.  Your EasyAwn™ fabric is treated with fluorocarbon-based water repellency chemicals during manufacturing, and it is recommended that a retreatment with ScotchGard® or similar product is done following cleaning.


Cleaning Instructions PDF

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