Does EasyAwn™ sell only the awning cover without the entire kit?

We do not sell covers only. We only sell complete awning kits.

Can EasyAwn™ customize my order with other sizes, colors or designs?

If you require custom awning products than we regretfully cannot be of assistance. We recommend that you contact your local awning company by looking in the yellow pages under “awnings” or “canvas”.

How does EasyAwn™ compare to other low cost awnings?

The most important difference is we use genuine SunBrella™ marine grad fabric that we warranty for 7 years.  Be careful of cheap imported awnings that fade in one summer and need a new cover every 1-2 years.  You get what you pay but you get a lot more than you pay for with EasyAwn™.

Because of our proprietary designs there are no other awnings like EasyAwn™. The traditional design of window awnings require a welded frame (that could not be shipped) or a hinged design referred to as retractable. Other “awnings in a box” designs rely on only a hinge at the wall and do not provide a rafter. This design is referred to as “retractable” or a “pocket awning”.  We offered these in the past and customers do not like the baggy look of the fabric or the loud sounds made by the frame banging in the wind. This design resulted in returned awnings that held water and ripped the fabric or pulled off the building. The EasyAwn™ design is rigid and eliminates these problems.

How long will the awning last and will the Sunbrella™ fabric fade?

Our SunBrella™ fabric is made from 100% solution dyed fibers. Solution dying locks the dye in the fiber while it is still in liquid form before the fiber is produced or woven. This ensures unsurpassed color fastness and is why SunBrella™ fabrics retain their vibrant colors and resist fading for many years. It is guaranteed for a period of seven years against loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions including sunlight, mildew, rot, and atmospheric chemicals.  Our customers typically order new covers every 8-10 years and unless the awning is near saltwater the frame should last for several cover changes.

Is the SunBrella™ fabric waterproof?

SunBrella™ fabric is not waterproof; it is water repellant. This means that during the finishing process a water repellant finish is applied to the fabric. Normal wear and usage will reduce the effectiveness of this finish as will cleaning the fabric. We suggest that after SunBrella™ fabrics are cleaned and if they remain exposed to the elements constantly and water repellency is a factor, that you retreat your SunBrella™ fabrics with a water repellant treatment such as 303 High Tech Fabric Guard which can be purchased at online or at local awning and marine shops.

Will the SunBrella™ fabric mildew?

SunBrella™ fabrics, if kept clean, will not mildew. An inherent characteristic of the fiber is that it will not support the growth of mildew, as a natural fiber will. Mildew will and can grow on any surface that is dirty, so to keep your SunBrella™ fabric from mildewing you must keep your fabric clean. If mildew growth becomes a problem please refer to our “care and cleaning” instructions.

Can EasyAwn™ withstand the high winds in our area?

Our EasyAwn™ frames are designed to meet virtually all of the US Building Codes. This requires that the frame be engineered to withstand at least 75 mph winds. Many of our customers live in areas that routinely see these levels of winds and their EasyAwn™ canvas awnings hold up great.

How Difficult is an EasyAwn™ to install?

The design and engineering behind the EasyAwn™ is focused on making installation Easy. One person can usually complete their first installation in under one hour with basic tools (ladder, drill, pliers, level, tape measure). Each kit includes detailed instructions and you are encouraged to call us if you have any questions during installation. See comments from our customers on installation.

To view our installation manuals click here.

How do I clean my EasyAwn™?

The EasyAwn™ can be cleaned on the frame or easily removed and cleaned in your washing machine. Please see our cleaning page for specific instructions. We also include cleaning instructions in each package as part of the installation, care and maintenance manual.

How will EasyAwn™ fit on the window?

EasyAwn™ is designed to extend beyond the widths of most windows. In addition, your awning, when installed will be a rigid structure and is designed to accommodate normal winds.

Is it water tight where the top of the awning meets the building?

This will mostly depend upon the surface you are mounting to, but in general water will not be able to leak down the wall. For applications where you desire to protect window sills and door jams we recommend non-adhesive caulk to seal this seam and ensuring a water tight seal.

What surfaces can EasyAwn™ be installed on?

EasyAwn™ can be installed on concrete, brick, wood, vinyl or aluminum. Care should be taken on vinyl and aluminum to ensure the frame is secured adequately. We include the typical hardware required for installation to wood and siding surfaces. For stucco or brick surfaces shields, anchors or Tapcon’s may be preferred depending upon the construction and are available at any hardware store.

Should I leave EasyAwn™ up year round?

Yes, although it is recommended that these awnings be taken down (a 5 minute process) in winter climates where snow can accumulate on the fabric. The awnings should also be removed in the event of a hurricane.

Does EasyAwn™ meet building code requirements?

EasyAwn™ grew from a company that supplied custom awning products to the South Florida market. Our founder and creator of our products is a registered professional structural engineer and designed EasyAwn™ to meet the Florida Building Code. This is the most strict structural requirement in the US. Although EasyAwn™ was designed to withstand hurricane force winds, we recommend our products be removed in the event of a hurricane to avoid damage from flying debris.  We do offer customer an engineering sheet many building departments will accept for permitting but if your city will not accept it you will need a licensed professional engineer in your state to review our design and stamp off on it.

Is there any maintenance required for my EasyAwn™?

Your EasyAwn™ is designed to be maintenance free. We do recommend cleaning the fabric with a mild soap solution as required (annually or every other year). You can keep the underside of your awning clean by brushing with a household broom. See our special section on cleaning your awning.

Will awnings really keep my home cooler?

The Department of Energy, American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers and the Florida Energy Extension Service have found awnings to reduce heat gain by up to 80%. The harmful rays that fade carpet and furniture are shown to be reduced by the same amount.

EasyAwn™ uses exclusively Sunbrella™ awning fabric with a 7 year warranty. Other fabrics may be lower cost, but they do not hold up nearly as well outdoors as Sunbrella™, and some fade in less than one year.

Also, EasyAwn™ is significantly lower priced than other products due to our design and large volume manufacturing.

What is EasyAwn's™ return policy?

All of our awnings carry a NO RISK 30-day money back guarantee. The customer is responsible for shipping the awning back at their cost. We will gladly accept the awning back and give you a full purchase price refund minus original shipping charges and a $10 restocking fee.

Will the awning work on a door or window if the frame of the door or window is the exact width as the awning?

If you choose, the return arm can be spread out 1 1/2 inch wider than the frame. For example, if you have a 48 inch window and order a 4 foot classic awning the return arms going back to the home from the front of the awning can be spread up to 1 1/2 inch wider than the awning to make it work over a 4 foot door or window.

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